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The Viking’s Surrender

The Viking's Surrender cover

The Viking’s Surrender cover

My autumn project is finally complete. After writing two contemporary romances, I had an urge to explore the past, and as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing sexier than Vikings.

Mythology and religion. Kingdoms and conquest. Love and war.

It’s the year 1015 in the Viking north, and Ingrid Mjolnir is fighting to survive. She’s lost her home in the western isles, and with it her family, her betrothed and the only life she’s ever known. She’s just starting to put the pieces back together when she learns of the king’s plan to conquer her village and turn it into a fiery example for the rest of the kingdom.

Olaf Tryggvason needs Veoya. It’s a trading hub four days’ sailing from his new capitol of Nidaros, and if he can take it, the north will be consolidated under his rule. The price will be high, but the rewards will be greater still—decades of peace and prosperity to ease the end of the Viking era.

Empires are not forged without cost, however, and Vermund the Blessed—Bishop of the North—is more than willing to pay it. The heathens must be cleansed, the witches must be burned and the Church must enlighten every soul in the north.

When Nikolas Drengr walks back into Ingrid’s life, it’s like seeing a ghost. They were once promised to each other, but he died on a raid, didn’t he? He’s a man now, and not the boy she remembers. In the years since she last saw him, he’s become the most feared warrior in the Viking lands, and the only person that can help her save her new home. And he works for Olaf.

Ingrid aches for his love, but fears that he might give it. Can they forge a new relationship together, and in the process preserve an entire way of life?

The Viking’s Surrender: A Norse Romance, is available now in all ebook formats.

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